The Best US Cities for Foodies 2022

Cities for foodies

The United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world, hence in terms of climate, landscape, and cuisine. Therefore there are plenty of places where you can go and enjoy food, hence its not just burger and french fries. However you’ll find everything and every kind of food in Cities for foodies. Here we have made a list regarding best US Cities for Foodies.

The best American Food Cities starts from below,

1. New York, New York

They say if you can do it in New York, you can do it anywhere, and that applies more to the restaurant scene than anything else. Therefore New York is one of the only places in the country where you can taste every type of food. Therefore here mostly every food in the world is available and everything in between.  Hence one of the Best American foods in New York City.

What to eat in New York?



Burger + Sandwiches


and also other different food is also available.

New York Dinner

2. Los Angeles, Calif.

Did someone say tacos? This is just the beginning of amazing Los Angeles food. Hence the Los Angeles and New York food comparison is always on top, and just like New York, you’ll find an interesting mix of food from around the world in Los Angeles. Therefore this is best city for foodies. In addition we can say also the city romantic couples.

What to eat in Los Angeles?

The French Dip Sandwich

The Oyster Cocktail

The Hot Fudge Sundae

The Chili Burger

and also many other different food is also available.

Los angeles for Foodies,Credits (

3. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a very sweet place. A city known for one of the most comforting anti-winter foods: deep-dish pizza. But it is also a city known for its innovation, art and avant-garde architecture, however here you can also find America’s best food.  Therefore one of the best us cites for foodies.

What to eat in Chicago?

Deep-Dish Pizza

Chicago Barbecue

Jibarito Sandwich


and many other different food is also available.

Chicago for foodies, Credits (

4. San Francisco, California.

When you hear “Californian food,” you think of lush farm-to-table breads, vegetarianism, and homemade breads. Hence you will find very good restaurant in San Francisco, but be careful, because plenty of expensive restaurant available here which will cost you some good dollars. Thus one of the best American Cities for foodies.

What to eat in San Francisco?


Prime rib

Dutch Crunch

Egg Custard tarts

and many other different food is also available.

San Francisco for foodies, Credits (

5. Miami, Florida

Miami makes the most of its sun, with a dining scene dominated by Caribbean and Latin American influences. However if you love different kind of spicy food and love to see the beaches, so Miami is the best choice for you. Here you can find also different type of sea food.

What to eat in Miami?


Stone Crabs

Grilled Fish Sandwich


and many other different food is also available.

Miami for foodies, Credits (

6. Portland, Oregon

Portland is know for its best food. Portland have world top food available. However if you’re looking for southern comfort food or exploring a slice of Ivory Coast, you’re likely to find it in Portland’s mix of restaurants, food carts, and farmer’s markets. In addition, it’s super vegetarian. What American food is not available here. Hence every kind of food you can enjoy in Portland.

What to eat in Portland, Oregon?

Voodoo Doughnuts

the Reggie Deluxe at Pine State Biscuits


Dungeness crab

and many other different food is also available.

Portland for foodies, Credits (

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

In the mid of 2000s, Las Vegas became a culinary destination. However every Casino has its own restaurant, hence you can find every city and country best food in one place. Furthermore  you’ll find plenty of fun and excitement to suit your taste buds in Sin City.

what to eat in Las Vegas?

Miso-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass with Wok Vegetables

Maine-Style Lobster Roll

Chicken ‘N’ Watermelon ‘N’ Waffles

Banana Cream Pie

and many other different food is also available.

las-Vegas for foodies, Credits (

8. Portland, Maine

Portland’s East Coast have small with a population of 66,000, hence if its come to food then its very strong. However here you will find best England food restaurant. Therefore you can expect many and many sea foods.

What to eat in Portland, Maine?

Lobster Roll

Whoopie Pie


Pigeon Burger.

The Reggie Deluxe

and many other different food is also available.

Portland, Maine, Credits (

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

It was the French who founded New Orleans in the 1700s, however making it one of the oldest and most unique cities in the United States. Finally French influence food you can be felt everywhere in the city.

What to eat in New Orleans?




Red Beans and Rice

and many other different food is also available.

New Orleans, Credits (

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