Naseem Shah Trending and Viral on Social Media

Naseem Shah Trending and Viral on Social Media

The netizens from Pakistan have enjoyed couple of moments from match against New Zealand on 11th Oct 2022. Pakistan scored below par score of 130 runs by loosing 7 wickets. The match result was not in favor of Pakistan but two incidents happened involving Naseem shah during second innings of the match. These moments made Naseem Shah Trending and Viral on Social Media once again

During second innings, the temperature went lower in Christchurch, making it difficult for fielding side to grasp the ball. In the first over, Naseem shah got his finger bruised while stopping the ball. Naseem shah was moving to his run up mark when Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam came for the rescue. He hold his finger in his hand to make it hot and comfortable. Netizens praised Babar over this great gesture.

Babar Azam Taking care of Naseem Shah

Second incident was during a frustrated fielding attempt by Shahnawaz Dhani which made Naseem Shah little more frustrated. Shadab saw him and came for the rescue. Netizen calls it “Naseem shah is cutest kid of the family”.

Cute Moments between Shadab and Naseem Shah

Here are some twitter feeds by Naseem Shah fans making #naseemshah trending on twitter.

A fan girl posted this comment after Shadab and Naseem Shah Incident.

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