how to write a cv in the 2022

how to Write a cv

how to write a cv in 2022? When writing a CV, it is important to use target-oriented expressions and suitable grammar in the education, experience, and abilities section. In this way, it becomes easier for Human Resources specialists to find the most suitable resumes out of thousands of resumes that fall into the pool. Considering that each CV is examined for an average of one minute, it is certain that in the first place, CVs that are neat, and written in proper Turkish or English, attract attention to their suitability for the position. In addition to a long and detailed CV, it is necessary to create a short CV, especially in some small businesses So, how to write this short resume? Here are the tricks for preparing an effective resume in 10 steps:

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What Should be Purpose of the CV?

Your Cv should be purposeful. You don’t have to write everything down. Rather than telling your life story, you should write down information about the position that the employer may care about. For this reason, it is advantageous to do preliminary research about the position you will apply for and the company you will apply for. The results of this research can reveal what information you should include on your resume and which you should not. You should also remember that you need to prepare different resumes for different job applications.

What Should be Nature of the CV?

You should make sure that your resume is simple. It is always necessary to consider that the person who will read the resume is working at a very intense pace. For this reason, your resume should be a single page if possible and should not exceed two pages maximum. You should not make the employer feel like you are reading a book by preparing a long resume.

You should write your resume in easy-to-read fonts, leaving 2.5-3 cm from the left and 2.5-3 cm from the right. You should prefer easily readable fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Tahoma.

If you can, prepare it in PDF format. Because changes can be made to the resumes you have prepared with Microsoft Word, it may cause some information to be deleted or modified by the employer by mistake. In addition, the employer may want to print your resume, so you should make sure that the computer image and the printout are the same.

If possible, create a resume template yourself. Stay away from resume templates that are frequently used on the internet. Creating a template yourself will make a difference in terms of design through the employer’s eyes. It will also make a difference between the classic templates that come before the employer.

Make sure that you have your education information, professional experience, references, training, certificates, if any, computer programs you can use, foreign languages ​​you know, hobbies and activities, especially your contact information, on your resume. It should not be forgotten that the concept of a cover letter has come to the fore in recent years. For this reason, it will be a plus point for you to write a not-too-long cover letter showing you are suitable for the position you are applying for.

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What is Cover Letter for CV

First of all, I think we should talk about what a cover letter is. While browsing in front of the shelves in a bookstore, we read the short summaries written on the back of the books to learn about them. Those brief summaries give us preliminary information about the books. As a result of our impressions, we buy the book or read the summary of another book. Here, a cover letter is like the summary at the back of the book in the resume. The employer reads your cover letter before reading your resume. Just as you get an impression about the book from that summary, the employer gets an impression about you from your cover letter without reading your resume.

How to Write a Cover Letter for CV

First of all, it should be short. Reading should not exceed 15-20 seconds. It is written in plain language and should be easy to read. What you write should be something that stands out at first glance. Instead of writing a brief summary of your resume, you should write something that will be of interest to the employer. For example, you can talk about your career goals. You can write why you want the position you are applying for, and you can say how eager you are. In short, your enthusiasm, excitement, and energy should be felt in your cover letter.

You should remember that your cover letter is a letter to the employer rather than a resume. For this reason, you should write your cover letter with a certain name. If you do not know the name, you can write to the human resources department. A cover letter addressed to the person adds sincerity to your resume. This creates an advantage for you. Therefore, try to be as honest and sincere as possible. Avoid using clichés and keep your originality.

How to write a Contact information

Your contact information should be in the most visible part of your resume. You must write your full address, GSM number, home phone, and e-mail address absolutely. If you are applying for a job in another city, it is to your advantage to write the address where you will reside. Because with the address you will write in a different city, you will cause a question mark in the employer’s mind.

Make sure that the e-mail address you will use is in the form of your name and surname. If possible, use the e-mail address assigned to you by the company you are currently working with. If you do not have such an opportunity, you can also use the domain you bought with your own name and surname. Or an e-mail address that you will receive with your name and surname can also serve this function. You should know that you do not have a chance with e-mail addresses such as,, and and you should create an e-mail address accordingly. In addition, it is advantageous to use Gmail instead of mail services such as Mynet, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Because there is a perception that people who use Gmail services have a stronger academic side.

How to add Photo on CV

Photography is essential for a resume. A resume without a photo is a serious waste of time. So, what kind of photo should you add to your resume? First of all, the photo you will use should have seriousness. Never post photos that you have taken on the beach, at a party, or with your mobile phone. Male candidates should prefer a passport photo with a tie and a suit, if possible. Female candidates, on the other hand, should prefer plain photos with a dress that is close to formality and away from too much make-up. You should be careful that the background is not prominent in your photos. So the background of the photo should not attract more attention from you.


How to Write Your Education & Work Experience

When writing your education information, you should write from the current to the past. You must specify the date on which you started and the date on which you graduated. You don’t have to write down your entire education life. It will be enough to write until your high school education. It will also give you an advantage if you write down the internships you have done.

You should write your work experience, as well as your educational information, from the current to the past, including your starting and quitting dates. In addition, giving brief information about the positions you have worked for will help the employer to have professional knowledge about you.

How to give References in cv

Although it is not given much importance by the CV owner in job applications, it is a section that the employer pays great attention to. For this reason, make sure to create a reference area on your resume. When writing your references, do not forget to provide professional information about people. At the same time, when giving contact information about your preferences, if possible, provide a landline phone number or corporate e-mail address.

Training, Seminars You Have Attended and Certificates You Have Obtained

Be sure to write down the training, seminars you have attended, and certificates you have received. However, when writing these, write only what position you are applying for is required. In other words, evaluate the training, seminars you have attended, and certificates you have received. Because when applying for a position in the finance sector, your previous Animal Health and Breeding Certificate will not be of any use to you. On the contrary, your resume will make up a lot of words, causing the employer to be distracted with unnecessary information.

Foreign Language & Computer Knowledge

Be honest about your foreign language knowledge. Do not say higher than your level. Because in a possible interview, the employer may want to measure your foreign language. Even if the employer is not insistent on a foreign language, he may not hire you due to the negative situation that will arise. Rate your foreign language level as reading, writing, and speaking, and make a score according to the scale you will create from 1-10. If possible, take a foreign language exam and measure your level. If you have taken an internationally recognized test such as TOEFL, write down your score. For the employer, your foreign language knowledge will be found reliable.

You don’t have to write every program you can use with your computer knowledge. It will be sufficient to write the programs required by the position. When applying for a position in the accounting department, the employer probably won’t be interested in whether you know photoshop or not. Instead of saying I know Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or PHP, it would be more accurate to describe it as I have experience in web design.

How to Add Your Hobbies on cv

Your hobbies will give the employer small details about you. Therefore, avoid using general expressions when writing about your hobbies. Don’t make a mistake by listing movies, sports, and history, as many people have done. Instead, write down more detailed hobbies such as watching horror movies, making model airplanes, and dealing with macro photography. Also, don’t forget this. Reading is not a hobby. If you see reading as a hobby, you’ve already lost it.

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